We wanted to write about work-from-home exercises because with the development of technology, many sectors began to be suitable for working from home. In the last decade, there has been a serious increase in the number of people working from home. The number of people working from home has reached record levels, especially due to the coronavirus, which has recently affected the whole world. Although this process is temporary, in fact; provided the opportunity for institutions to experience working from home and to analyze the efficiency of this process. After these days, more and more sectors can turn their home working system into routine.

Work-From-Home Exercises: Why Important?

Working From Home system; Although it offers advantages such as working with the clothes you want, when you want, it can be negative for both your health and psychology in the long run. The way to prevent this is through work-from-home exercises.

As 52KTXT.com, we have compiled the work-from-home exercises that you can easily do on the days you work from home and work the part of your body you need.

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Warm up before you start your workout


Warm-up is a preliminary study to activate the body and activate the muscles and joints. Starting sports without making warm-up movements; it may cause injury to your muscles and unwanted situations such as injury.

As a warming movement; You can walk for 3 minutes at a light pace where you are. In this way, all your muscles act. Following the gait, you can also do a knee-lift with a 3-minute period. So; leg, abdomen and hip area will be prepared for training.

To prepare your upper body for sports; While walking on the ground for 2 minutes, slowly turn your shoulders back. Warming-up is important to avoid injuries before work-from-home exercises.

Abdominal Exercises


The abdominal part is one of the areas where women complain very often. Even if you pay attention to your eating habits, sometimes the abdomen may be genetically more prone to gaining weight. When immobility is added to the genetic predisposition, it becomes necessary to make movements that will work the abdominal region.

Although the sit-ups sound like a tiring move for work-from-home exercises, it is very useful for the abdomen. Lying on a flat surface, support your neck area with your hands and squeeze your abdomen and buttocks and get up slowly. You will notice the effects of the sit-ups, which you will do 15 times in 3 sets, in a short time.

Arm Exercises

One of the areas of the body that gain weight fast when standing still is the arms. In addition, with the aging process, sagging in the arms occurs and many people define the sagging arm as annoying.

Circular arm opening movements; Ideal for tightening arms and preventing sagging. Open your legs with a shoulder width, stand in an upright position, and open your arms to the side and punch your hands. In this position, you can make 1 set of 20 with your arms clockwise and 10 sets of repetitions.

The push and pull exercise also prevents arm sagging. Open your legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bend your knees parallel to the floor. Raise your arms and lower your elbows to shoulder level. Imagine if you are pushing and pulling anything while doing this move. So you can adapt to the movement much more easily. You can do this movement 5 times with 1 set of 20 repetitions at the beginning. If you think that 5 sets are insufficient for you in the next process, you can increase the number of sets according to your performance during work-from-home exercises.

Leg and Hip Exercises

Even on a normal day when we go out and walk, our legs burn fat, and these daily walks help us maintain our form. However, the periods of going out in the order of working from home can be very few. In this case, we should burn the calories that should be burned daily with the sports arrangement we set for work-from-home exercises.

We have a great leg movement suggestion to get rid of the energy and stress accumulated within you while you are at home: Side Kick Movement.


Standing up, open your legs in shoulder width, raise one foot and break your knee 90 degrees. Move your raised foot towards your other foot, and then open it in the opposite direction. You can do this movement for 3 sets, including one set of 15 repetitions for one leg.

We have another suggestion that comes to mind when it comes to shaping legs and hips, and most people know: Squat – one of the best work-from-home exercises to be.

Squat, which is a very effective movement, will get used to it over time and you will get good results even if you have difficulty in starting. For the squat movement that runs both the front and back legs and the hip at the same time, open your legs in hip width and lift your arms forward to maintain your balance. It is important for your head to be upright and your back to be straight. Before your back position changes, you should crouch down with your legs parallel to the ground and return to your previous position. Squat can push you a little at first, so 10 repetitions will be enough in the beginning of work-from-home exercises.

Take Small Breaks When Working At Home

Do not forget to move while working in addition to your daily sports routine. When you concentrate on what you do at the computer, your entire body remains stable for a long time and you may not notice how the clock passes. This causes pain in your muscles and troubles in various parts of your body. To prevent this, while working at the desk; You can perform simple but effective movements such as neck stretching, stretching upwards, chest opening. These movements will not take your time; on the contrary, it will help your body relax and better focus on what you are doing.

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If you are new to sports and have not done sports under the supervision of a specialist before, we recommend that you be careful while doing work-from-home exercises and avoid sudden or difficult movements.

We wish you healthy and fit days.