Work From Home Ethics is the first post of our blog which i believe a good topic for most of us who is working from home during the lockdown. Working from home can be both relaxing and frustrating at times. The idea of having flexible work hours at home in cozy clothes and slippers seem exciting for most people. In such scenarios, a considerable amount of family time is also enjoyed along with ensuring self care.

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However, every now and then, this experience can be really annoying if remote working is not efficiently and smartly managed. Lack of effective communication often inhibits the workers from delivering their maximum output. Moreover, social interactions are also limited which diminishes the interest factor of the remote working force. Conversely, contemporary age and unprecedented situations demand that telework be made as effective as possible to cope with the changing global needs. To this end, a significant modification is required regarding working habits and overall living and corresponding style.

The subsequent list provides a productive guide for employees working from home:

Effective Communication:


Communication is the key to have a successful career being a remote worker. It gets really frustrating when one cannot convey the desirable quality of work due to lack of communication. It is a necessary human need to effectively convey the message or feelings as it ensures transfer of valuable information and ensures a vital feeling of being connected to the world. Hence, it is imperative for workers to ensure that no communication gap appears.

To this end, face-to-face and voice commuting must be preferred instead of email or text communication when required. It helps develop a healthy relationship with the employers, customers or fellow co-workers. This medium also serves to convey the right pitch of voice and serious demand of the work leading towards more productive outcomes. Most importantly, in case of any work related problems, the clients or the employer must be informed timely so that viable solutions can be devised throughout the project execution. Hence, along with communication, a trustworthy bond is also developed between the whole team.

Organize your Work Space:

It is very crucial for an employee working from home to organize a small area in the house that serves perfectly for the job requirement. It is imperative that the working space is a quiet and calm place to keep the focus entirely on the job requirements. To this end, make sure that you have the suitable equipment to serve the needs of the work at hand. Laptop is the key element in this regard. Along with this, the worker must possess the directions for remote login; otherwise the employee will feel disconnected and less motivated with each day passing. Easy and quick access to company’s files along with an excellent working phone is crucial.

It is vital that a trial run is performed by the individual beforehand. It assists in a smooth flow of the work and saves one from embarrassment. This enables a person to remove any instrument bugs before the actual work starts to avoid any delays. Most important of all, make the work space engaging and relaxed so that the appropriate amount of time is spent there to meet the deadline and for proper interactions.

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Ensure Reliable Internet Link:

A fast working internet without unnecessary delays is the key of success for a remote worker. It becomes really annoying and embarrassing when internet connections start creating problems. The ever growing contemporary age of technology framework requires a fast and reliable internet link to interact through Skype, Zoom or Google hangouts. Having a fast internet connection also has a good motive on work from home ethics.

Therefore, to ensure a trustful connection, a person must reside near the Wi-Fi router. This is because the devices which are otherwise far draw on bandwidth, affecting the internet quality. Along with this, the reliance on latest 4G or 5G must be increased. Similarly, connecting the system to Ethernet is another viable solution.

Compose Work Schedule:

One of the most vital reasons for a large number of employees to work from home is the desired work-life balance. However, if things are not properly scheduled and kept a track of, they can get messy and over-burdening. Focusing on the work while staying at home can be really tough to manage. Ultimately, the individual finds himself disturbing the very balance between work and life he desired in the beginning. Work schedule has a major impact on work from home ethics.

For this reason, it is vital to schedule the whole days for productive and effective outcomes. Prioritize the work according to its importance and set working hours for each task. Keeping everyone on the same page is also necessary so arrange a work call at least once a day to keep a track of the work progress. Most importantly, take intermediate breaks along the work so that you can restore the energy to continue the work.

Shun Distraction:

Uncountable distractions can occur while working at home. If a person is working with children and pets roaming around, it becomes impossible to concentrate. Therefore, sought help from neighbors or spouses to handle the kids during the work hours. Use noise blocking headphones to focus on the task. Keep the work space away from television or phone. Ask relatives and friends not to contact during the working hours so you may stay focused. Since, there are no fellow employees or the manager to keep one motivated and focused, distractions come easy.

The work space can help a lot in this regard. Organize it in such a way that it stays appealing for work. Paste motivating quotes around to encourage the working spirit. This is one of the most important subject of work from home ethics.

Dress-Up Appropriately:

Being motivated and excited for work, while staying at home, is the most vital factor of remote working. Modification in certain lifestyles can become handy for effective work output. Get properly dressed so that you are willing to get out of bed every day and feel good about yourself. It is appropriate to stay productive and motivated throughout the work experience. If a person starts to feel good about one, the graph of efficient work output enhances. Dressing-up may not seem so major for work from home ethics but is vital to improve your mood and energy.


One of the most prominent shortcomings of working from home is that the social interactions of individuals are minimized. Getting socially acquainted on a regular basis keeps one motivated and thrilled. Its absence can make the person lonely and disconnected to the amazingly chaotic normal life. Even the introverts among us need regular socializing to function properly. Moreover, the same boring projects without a connection to the outside world can take a toll on the people.

Therefore, it is necessary that frequent hangouts must be arranged with family and friends. This will keep motivation and excitement running. Similarly, short activities like video pizza lunch or games with co-workers can be very exciting and a sense of connectivity develops. Work from home ethics pay a major impact on getting socialized.

Habitual Workout:

Staying at home discourages people to look after their body needs. People slack around and forget the idea of working out at home. This eventually drains out the energy from people forcing them to lose enthusiasm and inspiration from life. Hence, it is essential that people keep their body in shape. This makes people feel confident about themselves and their work. To this end, there are several workout videos from professional trainers on social media. Similarly, numerous applications are also present to keep track of the workout sessions. Challenge friends for workout sessions. Eventually, it will have a dynamic outcome on the work quality too. This way you have work from home ethics completed.

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With each passing day, the number of remote workers is enhancing. This is beneficial for both the workers and the companies. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, the number of remote workers in America alone reached 43% in the year 2016. The coming years will witness a drastic increase in the number of people working from home due to varying scenarios and demands. Hence, it is imperative for the employees to follow some key steps to ensure high quality work and ethics.

Hope you get what you need to maximize your motivation when working from home with our Work From Home Ethics. We believe that this article will be useful for you during the Covid-19 lockdown we are in. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this on social media as sharing is caring.