I want to let you know 20 tips for a comfortable camp. Everyone wants to camp, should do it, I think everyone should experience nature. But some leave the inexperience or misinformation by quitting the end of the camp area, while others think where to camp next time or when to come to the same place. These tips will help you with a good camp.

Camping Comfort vs. Home Comfort

Yes, when you go to camp for the first time, keep this in mind, although you can camp with the best conditions, you will not find the comfort in your home. If you are already looking for comfort in your home, stay at home rather than camping. Keep reading to get tips for a comfortable camp.

A Good Tent


With a good tent, you will be comfortable in the camp. If it is a really solid tent, you can sleep comfortably in the wind and rain. Your choice of tent should be according to the weather you will be camping. Also, I would like to say that never break wood near the tent or set fire near it, while breaking wood, a piece of it can hit your tent and tear your tent or a spark can pierce and burn your tent. See additional tips for a comfortable camp below. You can check Regatta’s camping products offered with reasonable prices. Additionally, you can activate savings by using our Regatta discount codes hand-tested today.

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Tent Mat

Whatever you say, tent mat is really useful, extending the life of your tent. Only take the tent mat in the exact size of your tent, there should not be any excess on the edges. If the tent mat is larger than the tent itself, the water coming with the rain accumulates under the tent and after a while it goes inside the tent. If possible, get a tent mat to complete my tips for a comfortable camp.

Before Entering The Tent

This rule applies to both summer and especially winter. Before you enter the tent, always open all the ventilation of the tent, even if it is not enough, open the place that covers the mosquito net inside the tent a little or give a little clearance to the entrance of the tent. This prevents moisture from accumulating inside, and you sleep better with good ventilation. Also put all your belongings in the trunk of your tent, if any, you will eliminate the possibility of sudden rain soaking at night. And when you wear your shoes in the morning, please turn your shoes upside down and shake if there is an insect or something else inside.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag


As in the tent, the sleeping bag should be chosen according to the weather you want to use, as you will agree, you cannot sleep in the summer with -25 comfortable sleeping bag. Makes a sauna effect. So always look at the degree of comfort of the sleeping bag you choose, I hope you do not have much work with the extreme degree. I listed other tips for a comfortable camp below. Continue reading to get all the camping tips.

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Before Entering the Sleeping Bag

Especially if we talk for the winter, go to the toilet without going into the sleeping bag because first the body will spend unnecessary energy as it tries to keep the stool or urea inside you with constant body temperature, instead, the body warms itself directly with this energy. Additionally, if you go to toilet before entering the sleeping bag, you wouldn’t have to go outside in the middle of the night which is very hard to do in the cold weather.

Hot Water Bag

You are in the winter camp and you think the cold of the night. Here’s a good tip. It does not necessarily have to be a water bag or a pocket stove. Simply pour hot water into a water bottle that will not melt and wrap it in a t-shirt and put it in the sleeping bag, you will like this temperature. The important point in using it alone is that after heating the pocket stove, do not make direct contact with your body, it can cause minor burns, as a result, the chemical inside it warms up to high temperatures and its degree decreases towards the end of use. Keep yourself warm with my tips for a comfortable camp.

Drying Moist Items


If you have a few items that are slightly wet or not completely dry, here is a way to dry them. When you sleep at night, wrap these items in a towel-like thing and throw them into the sleeping bag, and when you look at them, you will see that they are dry, never underestimate the heat your body releases. These quick tips for a comfortable camp can save your day on your outdoor activity.

Those who say I can’t sleep without a pillow

Those who say I can’t sleep without putting my head on the pillow; You can wrap your towel, wrap your shirt and make a pillow or buy it from small inflatable pillows. If you get these, you will see the benefit, I use it personally, they are both light and take up little space. Along with my tips for a comfortable camp, you will have the best comfort possible during your camp.

Cooking Sets For Camping

This is one of the most important things I will recommend to those who will be camping. Do not say I bring it from home, there are usually steel or heavy pots, although small. These sets are usually aluminum, heat up quickly, get cold fast and light as well. It consists of ingredients such as cookware, food container, glass. And being set makes it all together, it’s not easy to lose. There are even titanium ones, of course we have nothing to do with them. Simply follow my tips for a comfortable camp. Keep your camping activity as reasonable as possible.

Fork, Knife, Spoon and Wine Opener

If you are a pleasure camper like us, I have a good suggestion for you. Rather than carrying individual cutlery etc., there are small but large multi-purpose tools. I highly recommend using them, you do not risk losing anything and the wine opener really works. Small things may have big importance. You can remember everything. you can have everything necessary with you after reading my tips for a comfortable camp.

Place to Pitch the Tent

Do not say, “Let’s pitch here, it is for one night anyway”, seriously find a flat and stone-free floor, if there is animal feces near you, cover it with stone or soil. Don’t worry about goat droppings. If there is a real recommendation I can give is that do not camp near an animal carcass. You can’t even imagine how brutal the dogs will get at night. They don’t have a purpose against you, but when you can’t see the outside of the tent, you start to create scenarios. If you follow my tips for a comfortable camp, you can avoid bad scenarios.

Setting Up the Tent


There are certain rules for setting up tents and I recommend following them. You put the poles, you fixed them from the corners to the ground. It may look okay but not completely. Stretch the tent absolutely well. Pass the nails all over it and fix it to the ground. Do not forget to use the tension ropes. In addition, tent nails are often quickly spread. For this, I recommend building nails, which are slightly heavier. You will not have to deal with the nail being warped. And the wind resistance of a well-established tent increases, making it better to fall down from the top of the falling rain. After all, tent fabric is something else, plastic linoleum is another. Setting the tent is important inside the tips for a comfortable camp.

Lightness Issue

Lightness is an important thing. Depending on the duration of what you will get, do not take too many backups, it is enough if there is a top head underwear replacement. Get as many things as necessary. You don’t want to carry overload bags. You should keep your energy with my tips for a comfortable camp.

Food Issue

We made fish in the embers in the camp or tuna and corn in the rice. Here’s what I prefer to recommend; For breakfast, chocolate, cheddar cheese, olives or jam are foods that do not deteriorate easily unless you leave them under the sun. Since lightness and nourishment are important for the evening, I can say pasta, tuna, and corn. You can also have glass soups as snacks which are fine. But if you have some fish nearby, wrap them in aluminum foil or large leaf and throw them in roasted or hot stones. It is very very delicious meal. Food is important when camping with tips for a comfortable camp.

Attention: Never eat a mushroom, fruit or vegetable you never know. You may experience poisoning that can result in death.


Cooking Place by Environment

In fact, this is an important issue. If you say why, there is a serious difference between cooking in a toll campsite and cooking in the woods. If you are eating in a place where animals such as bears, pigs and foxes live, make your food at least 100 meters away from where you will sleep. Because the smell of your food can attract animals. And at night there is the possibility of encountering an unwanted guest. You already got good tips for a comfortable camp. Hope you are enjoying this article so far.

You Head Should Be Outside of Sleeping Bag

Yes, you didn’t get it wrong, putting your head in the sleeping bag and sleeping this way can cause trouble in the winter. In winter camping, moisture is the last thing desired, it is your enemy. You should always stay dry. If you breathe in and out of the sleeping bag, you give it steam, which causes you to feel cold. This is one of the reasons why we recommended to ventilate the tent as a part of my tips for a comfortable camp.

Camp Pharmacy

These also have sets, I strongly recommend. It already varies in size depending on its content. It is good to have it with you at all times. Generally, things that will be needed are things like aspirin, pain killers, band-aid, bandage, emergency blanket. Health is everything. Keep your outdoor activity healthy with my tips for a comfortable camp.

Cleaning at The Camp

If you are not going to a certain campsite, many places around you are the cleaning and toilet area for you. But be careful; do not contaminate streams. Do not pour / mix soap, toothpaste or other cleaning fluids into stream waters. Obtain 100 wet wipes, this is really the most practical cleaning method in nature. And definitely you should have a garbage bag. We should protect the nature like we protect our home by keeping it clean.

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Good Friends

Camping with a good friend is a great experience. If your camp buddy is in the same mentality as you are, this means you will hava a great time camping. You can’t get enough of the conversations by the fire. Only you and nature are around you, you will enjoy everything along with my tips for a comfortable camp.

Your Tips For a Comfortable Camp

These are my suggestions and tips for a comfortable camp. What are your recommendations and tips? It doesn’t matter if you are an experience camper or not, simply let us know by using the comment section below.