Online shopping is full of benefits but it is very important to do a secure internet shopping. It has been very easy to meet all our needs with one click from the internet. When we say flight tickets, clothing, books, mobile phones, we even started to shop for our food and grocery needs on the internet. Of course, the biggest reason for this is the speed and practicality of “online” shopping.

Best Ways of Secure Internet Shopping

In addition to this, the harmful software that arises due to the fact that the internet is used so much for shopping causes us to worry when shopping online. But don’t worry, it is possible to complete your shopping safely with various measures you will take. So, we want to touch on the ways of secure internet shopping. Below, we have listed the measures to be taken for a safe shopping on the internet.

Do not shop from commonly-used computers

Never use shared computers at work or elsewhere for internet shopping. Because this type of computer can have a virus and unfortunately your bank information can be accessed in this way. For this reason, you can complete your shopping without having to save your password on a computer that has an anti-virus program and which you are sure of its security.

Start using virtual card


No matter how secure your computer is, if you do not want to give the information of the credit card you actively use to online shopping websites, you should open a virtual card to yourself. You can open your virtual card connected to your desired credit card instantly. You can transfer it to your virtual card for as long as you want. You can also transfer it to your virtual card immediately. At the end of the period you set, your remaining limit on your virtual card can be transferred back to your main credit card. In this way, you do not have to use the information of your main credit card and you can safely carry out your shopping with your virtual card, as well.

Prefer reliable shopping websites

Of course, it is very important that the website you shop on is reliable. To understand the reliability of a website, you can first check whether the website has an SSL certificate. How? If the website you want to shop has a padlock on the address and says “https“, this means website has an SSL certificate. When you click on the padlock sign, you can see the expiration date and see the validity period of the certificate. Remember, this certificate is extremely important to ensure that the information you transmit to the website is encrypted. SSL certificate is one of the most important factor of securing your information when doing a secure internet shopping.

Change your passwords frequently


Always create your card passwords in a difficult-to-guess form, rather than your birth date, mother, father or sibling name. In addition, updating your password frequently will reduce the risk of your information being hacked. Difficult passwords are hard to remember but you can use a notepad on your phone until you memorize it. Changing your passwords frequently will help you complete a secure internet shopping.

Read the Terms and Conditions

Yes, this part can be a bit boring, but it’s really important to read the terms and conditions as being another good way of doing a secure internet shopping. Because terms and conditions may contain specific conditions related to return policy or the use of the product. When you read the terms and conditions carefully, you can shop safely without feeling tricked by having all the details from the website.

As a result, in order to do a secure internet shopping, you don’t have to stop buying something over the internet. If you pay attention to the points we mentioned above, you can complete your shopping exactly as you expect.

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