Need groceries but don’t want to leave the house? Want a freshly made meal without having to pick up the cooking knives? Here are the UK’s top ranked online meal and grocery services available during the COVID-19 crisis.

As we are currently experiencing the Coronavirus Pandemic and most countries are in lockdown. Recently online food delivery is in high demand, worldwide and is a popular method for social distancing. The article will discuss some popular online meal delivery services and online grocery deliveries based in the UK.

Coronovirus continues to spread and people who do not leave their home due to quarantine are emptying their market shelves for their needs. The reason for this is that they over-supply their needs due to curfews. Since the number of people who do not want to leave their house and go to the crowded markets is quite a lot, we can say that the demand for online grocery is at the highest point of all time. Moreover, at the beginning of the quarantine process, the advice of the prime minister on buying food on the internet triggered this demand.

After these news, we decided to review and write down the issues you should consider when shopping for online meal. Perhaps the most important issue is the same day delivery. However, in today’s coronavirus conditions, you may not be able to provide this service from all stores. In addition, it is useful to know that food stores do not deliver to those under the age of 18. Another issue you should keep in mind is that the stores ask you to make a certain minimum purchase to qualify for delivery.

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Now, we will review a few main grocery and online meal delivery stores below, and while reviewing these stores, we wanted to start with a major one in terms of delivery.

Top Reviewed Grocery Delivery Services in the UK

1. AmazonFresh

AmazonFresh was hand-picked first as providing fast delivery of fresh foods. Free grocery delivery is available at AmazonFresh but only if you are a Amazon Prime or Fresh member. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime or Fresh account you can simply have one by signing-up and creating your account. Unfortunately, membership is £11.98 a month for both prime & fresh. Delivery is activated when your order is £60 or more. Delivery service will be eligible with £3.99 delivery fee after you meet a minimum of £40.

AmazonFresh has fast delivery of fresh foods from high-quality brands like Whole Foods, Morrisons as well as local stores and markets to be able to provide wide selection fresh food including fruit, vegetables, meat, baked goods and more. However, these days you may have to wait for your order for days due to Covid-19 disease. Because the demand is high, they have difficulties in delivering on time.

Customers already started to share their disappointment with delivery issues. Some customers is complaining about lacks of delivery slots when others are talking about a last minute cancellation of their order. As with many other issues these days, delivery service turned out to be a bit of luck. However, it is not a good option to go out and shop on the market shelves in the middle of this pandemic.

2. Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose has very user-friendly website and a wide selection of food including pantry snacks, fresh food, alcohol and canape and more. They offer a freshness guarantee to customers and this makes Waitrose a good option in the market.

Currently, Cleaning products such as toilet paper have stock problems in Waitrose, but antibacterial products still have stocks which makes Waitrose another option for your household needs.

Bad news is they don’t have delivery slots available for over the next two months. Normally they offer free trackable next-day delivery to your door but because of Covid-19 they lack of delivery slots. During these lockdown days if you are self-isolating, we advice your to contact their customer service (0800 188884) and decide from where to pick your order.

Their minimum spend to activate delivery option is a little higher than other stores which is £60 for home delivery. Or, you can spend £40 for click-and-collect option. Additionally, new customer can take advantage of special discounts and deals including a £60 offer.

3. Food To Your Home

We put Food To Your Home because they have a TrustScore 4.8 “Excellent” at Trustpilot. They have a wide variety of food including fruits, vegetables, dairy, bread, meat and many more. Based on customer reviews most of the deliveries arrive on time thanks to not being a popular brand. These kind of unpopular stores are definitely a good option if you don’t want to face unavailable delivery slots from major brands.

There are many positive comments in Trustpilot mentioning quality of Food To Your Home’s service, fast delivery and freshness of their food. You may want to get your grocery delivery from them during these days even if they are not popular. I believe you should trust positive comments on Truspilot review page. Just go and check customer reviews before completing your order.

Your orders placed before 4PM UK time will be delivered within 48 hours. They have partnered with food suppliers and restaurants to delivery your food. Please consider that each supplier has different route options. Delivery time is between 7AM and 6PM, Monday to Saturday.

4. Iceland

Iceland has both an easy online ordering system and/or you can also find one of the stores based all around the UK and click and collect your groceries. This website also provides free next day delivery service when spending more £35, and in your local area. You can also find where the local stores are based by clicking on ‘store finder” in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Pros: Reasonably priced, Free delivery (depending on location), deals and offers through the website, computer and phone friendly.

Cons: Delivery services are available from 11am – 9pm and there is a minimum cost.

5. Tesco

Tesco is famous for its wide variety of grocery selection, from cupboard fillers to alcohol & spirits. This website provides an easy ordering process and hundreds of recipes to choose from. Tesco price matches with Aldi on both own-brand products and branded products.

Pros: Computer and mobile phone friendly, guaranteed freshness and can earn club points.

Cons: Minimum spend of £40 for free delivery and £4 charge on top.

6. Morrisons

Morrisons groceries seems to be the most popular and top reviewed in the UK, this company is cheap and has a large selection of items to choose from. Morrisons unfortunately has very limited delivery slots so they have teamed up with Deliveroo to deliver food.

Pros: Gives customers points on shops, relatively cheap, and can provide ready-made meals as well.

Cons: You must sign up first before ordering, you need a delivery pass beforehand and limited time slots.

Online Meal and Recipe Delivery Services

1. HelloFresh

best online meal services

HelloFresh is world-wide known to help busy people make mealtimes easy and stress-free. All the recipes are delicious and come prepared and measured for your convenience.

Pros: Computer and mobile phone friendly, time efficient, portioned meals and delicious recipes.

Cons: Expensive over time, not organic, portions may not suit your needs and meals are prepared for no more than 4 people (depending on meal box).

2. Mindful Chef

best online meal services

Mindful Chef is known to be the UK’s #1 recipe box services. The food included in the boxes are fresh and local to the area, it also includes free delivery.

Pros: Free delivery nationwide, stress-free preparation and time efficient.

Cons: Not earth-friendly, unnecessary packaging used and need to sign up beforehand.

3. Nobu London

best online meal services

Looking for some takeout and online meal delivery services that aren’t just greasy food? Try Nobu takeaway menu and booking a delivery through the Old Park Lane branch, Deliveroo and SUPPER. This high-end restaurant is popular for Sashimi and Japanese-themed cuisine.

Pros: World famous, high-end food and uses popular delivery services.

Cons: Not enough quality for what you pay for, maybe be quite expensive for the takeout option.

Food Delivery Apps

1. UberEATS

best online meal services

UberEATS is a popular delivery app that delivers local food to your door. It delivers foods from any local restaurants and fast food joints nearby, and shows you estimates times and the prices of online meal. You can sort through this by default (closest by) or by the cuisine of your choosing.

Pros: Fast delivery, Delivery tracking and multiple restaurants and fast food places to choose from.

Cons: Delivery varies in pricing (depending on the location), Addicting to some people and can become expensive.


best online meal services

This website provides delivery categories such as food, alcohol, groceries, gifts, catering and even LAUNDRY. The delivery fees for this website varies between the restaurants and/or business but you can also find delivery can be free in certain places or locations. also provides points for purchases which can then be used to get free credit or many other rewards. also provides money off your first order and benefits for your friends and you to enjoy.

Pros: It’s convenient, you can discover new restaurants and is computer and mobile phone friendly.

Cons: Delivery fees can apply to some places, delivery may not be optional for all locations and more expensive.

In summary, these websites are only few of thousands of online meal delivery choices out there and you may find others that best suit your needs. Despite it all, stay safe in this awful time, keep your social distance and order your food via delivery to keep yourself from anybody around that may be contaminated.

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