Here comes my first post at writing about my favorite jerseys of European football clubs. From Barcelona to Real Madrid, Chelsea to Manchester United, Liverpool to Arsenal, Milan to Juventus, Ajax to Bayern Munich; here are my favorite 10 jerseys of European football clubs.

Top Jerseys of European Football Clubs

Those who follow the European football teams, as well as their favorite players, also follow the jerseys of the teams, which usually change seasonally. In this article, I have put on the table the favorite season jerseys of the most popular and followed European football teams in our country. If you are following European football, if you are a football lover or friend, you can understand it in your language, and after reading our article, you can give him the jersey of his favorite team on a special day.

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FC Barcelona

jerseys of european football clubs

The purple-navy striped legend jersey is the mindset of the Spanish team, which was introduced to the market in the 2019-2020 season. The team’s chest post this year is from sponsor brand Rakuten. Definitely one of the best jerseys of european football clubs.

Real Madrid C.F.


The Spanish giant, which we know with the white legend jersey, launched an agreement with Adidas for this season’s away jersey. The dark navy and embroidered jersey carries Adidas’s classic three stripes details on the shoulders, while these details continue on the sleeves and the cycling collar. On the chest of the jersey is the Fly Emirates phrase of the main sponsor Emirates airlines.

Chelsea C.F.


One of the most beloved teams in London, the Chelsea team, which we know with its blue and white colors, was launched with the production of Nike, the lacoste collar, white red striped, white colored jersey. The jersey bears the name of the tire sponsor Yokohama tires.

Manchester United C.F.


This season of Red Devils’ away jersey resembles retro jerseys with black lines and details on beige. It is designed as a bicycle collar covered by black stripes and shoulder lines on the jersey produced by Adidas. Besides the brand name, the main sponsor Chervolet company also printed the brand emblem on the shirt chest.

Liverpool F.C.


The Liverpool football team jerseys produced by the New Balance brand are designed with the turquoise color details and chain geometric embroidered pattern on the home jersey. The striped v-neck form fits snugly to fit the body. The chest piece belongs to the Standard Chartered bank.

Arsenal F.C.


It is a yellow jersey with shaded geometric Z patterns on the new season away jersey, crafted with Arsenal club Adidas, one of the oldest giants of England. The collar of the jersey is black Adidas stripes and the collar is dark as a continuation of the stripes. This season, as always, Arsenal has Emirates advertising on his chest. This is one of my favorite jerseys of european football clubs.

A.C. Milan


The most popular 2020 jersey of the Italian capital team was again the classic black-red striped form. The jerseys, produced by the Puma brand, are tailored for a cycling neckline, fit and lines with classic stripes. The main sponsor of the team is Fly Emirates, which we encounter in almost all football leagues.

Juventus F.C.


The Juventus team, known for its classic black and white striped shirt, was introduced to the press as an alternative shirt worn this season, with a turquoise collar, turquoise color, bright embroidered on it and three stripes on the shoulders. The jerseys produced by the Adidas brand include the brand logo of the vehicle brand Jeep as the main sponsor of the team. The promotion face of the team was undoubtedly Christiano Ronaldo.

AFC Ajax


The 2020 version of the away team jersey produced by Adidas has been highly appreciated with v-necked, dark green checkered shadow stripes. The famous Dutch team has the logo of the main sponsor Ziggo brand on its chest. I love these colors Ajax’s away shirts. I needed to pick this one of my favorite jerseys of european football clubs.

FC Bayern Munich


The 2020 away jersey of the famous German team with Adidas design, a crew neckline, gray shading detail on white, is designed with very minimal lines. It carries the gray adidas stripes on its shoulders and the German GSM operator T-Mobile’s T on the chest. Last but not least, FC Bayern Munich’s jerseys stand out with minimalist design. And of course one of my favorite jerseys of european football clubs.

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