Let’s find out how to support self-renewing nature on a personal-basis. We discovered many new things in the quarantine process, where we spent most of our time at home. We got back to ourselves a little, took the time to do what we wanted to do and most importantly, we did most of them at home.

How to Support Self-Renewing Nature

When we look back, we encounter a very different reality. The nature that we pulled a little bit from our hands started to heal itself quickly. This situation must have reminded everyone how precious and special nature is that this year the theme of the World Environment Day has been determined as “Time for Nature”.

The main purpose of the World Environment Day, which is regularly celebrated every year with the decision taken at the summit organized by the United Nations in Stockholm in 1972, is to draw attention to current environmental problems. For this reason, on this special day, which draws attention with the slogan of “Time for Nature“, we want to discuss what can be done to support nature in the future. Below is what we can do to learn how to support self-renewing nature and protect it.

Let’s Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage Possibly


It is very difficult to quit some usage habits at once. However, in the quarantine period when people went out very little, in other words, fossil fuel was used very little, air pollution decreased significantly in many European countries, especially in China. We must apply ourselves to learn how to support self-renewing nature. Therefore, according to the statements of many scientists, in order to sustain this reduction in air pollution, it is imperative to limit the use of motor vehicles using petroleum and to avoid waste of energy as much as possible.

Let’s Be Careful About The Use Of Plastic


Today, plastic is used in many ready-made foods, packaged foods or hygiene products. With the pandemic, the consumption of products such as masks and gloves has increased, and the consumption of plastics has increased considerably. As you know, plastic is a substance that does not disappear in nature and lives for years. For this reason, we can easily say that we have to limit our plastic consumption to support reducing environmental pollution. It should be one of our responsibilities to prefer glass products as much as possible, and to ensure that plastic is converted without letting it mix into nature when it is necessary to use plastic. Limiting usage of plastic in our daily lives is a crucial factor to see how to support self-renewing nature on a daily-basis.

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Let’s Keep The Renewable Energy Issue On The Agenda

We talked about fossil fuels and the damage that fossil fuels cause to the environment. Although experts recommend that not use fossil fuels for the problem of climate change or for the survival of different species, we continue to use it because we cannot find its alternative. However, the pandemic we experienced showed us that turning to renewable energy is one of the most important solutions to see how to support self-renewing nature in the upcoming period.

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For example, did you know that 7 million people die every year due to air pollution? In short, we need to act for the solution. For this reason, many countries have already started to accelerate their renewable energy investments. We can keep renewable energy on the agenda by exploring the usage areas of green energies such as solar energy and wind energy as much as possible and by supporting the studies carried out in this regard.

As a result, we have to learn how to support self-renewing nature in order to lead a quality life and leave a beautiful world for future generations.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bernard Shaw