We’ve created this article because we know you are asking how to choose the right fan these days when summer heat is rising. We were looking forward to the summer season and said, “I missed summer so much”. We were quite right to think about it, but the overwhelming hot weather of summer can cast a shadow on this season we love so much. So what can we do?

Solution is the saviors of summer months air conditioners and fans. If you want to use your preference for fans rather than air conditioning to cool off in the summer, don’t worry! We have created a fan buying guide with this article. Here is another fan-related guide worth to check on how to choose the right fan.

What is a Fan?

It is described as a tool that provides breeze by blowing hot and stagnant air or blows fresh air into such an environment. We want to clarify the differences between air conditioners and fans, which are the heroes of the summer months.

Although the blowing speed of the fans, which we can consider as more affordable compared to air conditioners, can be adjusted, the offered heat setting has superior options in air conditioners. Plus, the fact that air conditioners can be used with the hot air blowing mode in the winter is of course a plus. However, different types of fans, which are often preferred by those who are tenants, who cannot install air conditioners in their homes or who want to use the same refrigerant product in different areas, are also very successful in meeting your needs. Now let’s start listing what you need to consider on how to choose the right fan.

How to choose the right fan?


Your needs and the area you want to position the fan are one of the most important factors that help you in choosing the fan type. For this reason, you must first decide in which area you will use the fan, that is, determine your priority. Let’s start with the fan types to which is first thing to consider on how to choose the right fan.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, which are mounted on the ceiling and are very useful due to not covering space, can create coolness in the area thanks to their wings. The ceiling length should be minimum 2 meters in order to use this type of fan that can spread the air equally to the environment, and the ceiling lengths of the ceiling fans should be maximum 1.5 meters in order to make the air flow ideally. Don’t buy a ceiling fan before reading our article on how to choose the right fan.

Pedestal Fans


Pedestal fans, which can be moved to the required areas thanks to their feet, can be used in different areas of the house. Offering different options in size, the length of the ventilated fans can also be adjusted according to the area. People are choosing pedestal fans as being the most practical one. You can read more for more fan types and know how to choose the right fan.

Steam Fans

In addition to providing a cool area, steam fans that provide moisture to the area are generally free standing. When fresh water is filled in the moisture chamber, steam fans that moisten the area thanks to this water are also known as “water fans”.

Wall Mounted Fans


This type of fan, which occupies space in the room where they are positioned because they are mounted on the wall, is especially preferred by those with small living spaces. Wall mounted fans are also known as “window type fans”. These types of fans are installed in the area where the window is located, allowing fresh air to enter the house faster.

Desk Fans


Desk fans, which are suitable for use in areas such as offices, work rooms, are also known as “mini fans” because they are smaller than other types of fans. When choosing a desk fan, you need to choose a size suitable for the area. Desk fans are very popular but you should make some research before buying one. Our fan buying guide is a good source on how to choose the right fan.

Floor Fans

Dimensions, speed settings and Watt powers of floor fans, which are a type of fan placed on the floor, can be different. In other words, floor fans can provide the coolness you need. The disadvantage of floor type fans is that their length cannot be adjusted.

Tower Type Fans

A special area is needed for the positioning of tower type fans, which visually resemble living room type air conditioners. In addition to different speed settings, tower type fans provide practical use as well as control. It is good have tower type fans information inside our fan buying guide on how to choose the right fan.

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans, which are superior in terms of power, can be used in open areas as well as large workplaces. These high wattage fans can consume more energy than home fans. Also, let’s not mention that some of the floor fans may be industrial type. This is not a house type fan but we wanted to give extra information to comlete our fan buying guide on how to choose the right fan.

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Features to Consider: Level Options, Oscillation, Remote Control and Weight

We know that it is important for you to find solutions that meet your performance and needs. Here, the points we have mentioned below guide you in this regard. In the meantime, we know that fan prices are also important in decision making. It is worth noting that besides the fan models, the following features are also decisive in price. Fan features is another important factor on how to choose the right fan.

  • The air temperature is not the same every day. Therefore, the level of need for coolness in your home may also differ. That is why the number of levels of the fans is very important. Different levels affect the rotating speed of the fan blades, so the speed of the air flow offered can vary. In other words, the higher the number of steps, the more diverse the choice of impeller rotation speed can be.
  • Another factor to consider when choosing a fan is whether there is an oscillation of the product. Oscillating fans can offer air flow directly to different parts of the area by turning left and right.
  • Remote control models of the fans, which are very practical devices in use, can increase this practicality even more. Thanks to the remote control, you can turn your fan on and off without standing up or adjust the speed levels and make choices to meet your needs.
  • If it is one of the models that will not be used by installing it in a place such as a fan, ceiling type or wall type, you should also pay attention to its weight. You can move and use your product in different rooms by choosing light fans with our fan buying guide on how to choose the right fan.

Watt Power is Important to Get the Efficiency

If you are going to buy a fan, “Will the product I will buy offer the temperature I want?” The question is perfectly normal. The answer to this question is the Watt power of the fan you choose. The wattage of the fans can vary from 30 to 180 watts. The higher the specified Watt power of the fans, the higher the efficiency you can get. In the meantime, let’s underline that the fan power of the fans indicates the energy they consume when they work for 1 hour. In other words, we can say that products with low wattage spend less energy and are more successful in energy saving. In the meantime, you can reduce the energy consumption by choosing the top energy class fans, both saving and protecting nature. Consider the watt power plays an important role on how to choose the right fan.

How to choose the right fan?” We gave the answer to the question. Now it is very easy to choose the best fan for you.