Fashion habits have changed a lot recently. It is time to see how pandemic affected fashion habits. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in many ways. Shopping habits are one of the most important of them. While our habits were changing for many things we bought from food to clothing, trends also got their share.

If the coronavirus did not enter our lives, a completely different consumption would probably occur at this time of the year; like last year. Whereas, this year, the shopping has moved to the online side and the products we have purchased have also changed. Let’s take a look at how pandemic affected fashion habits.

Fashionable Masks


For example, face masks, which are not used much in daily life, have entered our lives, except for a few Asian countries. In terms of health and fashion. As the use of masks increased, their varieties increased and more fashionable masks started to be designed. Masks are combined with clothes and turned into a new train.



It was a coincidence that the tracksuits were fashionable, and their sales exploded during this period. In the first week of quarantine, tracksuit sales increased by 40%. The already fashionable tracksuits suddenly became the most popular clothes of 2020.

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Eye make-up products and false eyelashes are among the most sold products in this period. A study in America revealed that sales of false eyelashes increased by 15% in May. Mascara sales increased 11% while brow products increased 5%. It is seen that the sales of lip products decreased by 5%. It’s obvious that the reason for this is the masks. People want their makeup to be eye-catching and feature eye makeup, despite their face masks and social distances.

May cosmetics sales seem to be well above March and April. The reason for this is the start of the normalization process. However, it seems that consumers are more inclined to skin care products rather than cosmetics. The sale of body creams, cellulite care products, face masks and hair dyes is higher than makeup products. Especially eye make-up products are one of the signs on how pandemic affected fashion habits.

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High Heels Are Out

High-heels and suit shoes are not the most preferred products category with a 70% drop. Not just heels, leathery shoes; All shoes models combined with dresses and classic clothes, from babette to loafers, remained in the hands of the companies. New season designers are now designing thicker and wider heels models. Who would guess high-heels would be out. This is showing us how pandemic affected fashion habits.

Slippers Are In


As can be expected, sales of slippers peaked. Slippers, which were sold twice as normal in April, were trending together with tracksuits this period. Apparently they will also be at the forefront in the normalization process; because the feet are swollen from not wearing shoes and the slippers are the savior of this habituation period. Slippers are showing us how pandemic affected fashion habits.

Returning to Simplicity

Returning to simplicity is one of the trends that stand out with quarantine. Simple pieces (white t-shirt, jeans) and natural colors are back. In this period, people who think about their economies are turning to timeless parts that look expensive even though they are cheap. Researchers say that fashion will be very important this year and that brands always focus on plain and simple pieces that can be sold. Simple styles are also a major sign letting us know how pandemic affected fashion habits.

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It is Time to Sleep

Stylish, nostalgic nightgowns and pajamas are back in quarantine. With the increase of time spent at home and social media trends, sales of classic model nightgowns and pajamas increased. If we ask ourselves how pandemic affected fashion habits, then we look at new fashion trends.

2020 is the Year of Firsts

A fashion rule that has been in effect throughout history has been reversed in this period. Throughout the history of modern fashion, women’s skirts are lengthened in times of economic and other difficulties, and shorter in periods of refreshment. On the other hand, the textile industry changes the trends every year and encourages people to buy new clothes. Namely; If there is a long skirt fashion this year, it will be a mini skirt fashion next year. Skirt lengths are getting shorter as long, midi-length skirts are in fashion in the past seasons and the textile sector has been in a difficult situation this year. The year of 2020 is showing us how pandemic affected fashion habits entirely.

Silicon Valley Style


Work clothes are also becoming more sporty and casual. Employees who return to work during the normalization process now prefer more casual combinations. Many companies also stretched their rules in this sense. After the pandemic, a mixed office style known as “Silicon Valley Style” is predicted to be the trend. Tracksuits and shirts, dresses and sneakers will be more normal. Silicon valley fashion trends are obviously showing us how pandemic affected fashion habits.