Global lockdowns have rendered the concept of time almost meaningless as days and weeks have bled into each other — but rest assured, time has been marching on, and Father’s Day is fast approaching.

It’s on June 21st, by the way.

Below we’ve put together a list of 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas for your consideration. For all dads young and old, who love a drink or a game or adventure, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve found unique gift ideas from and We recommend you to apply MenKind discount codes before placing your order for additional savings in your shopping cart at

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Drink Dispensers

Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon spirit, or something fun to pour some booze out of, there are lots of great options online.

father's day gift ideas

For the DC comic book fan, you could try this officially licensed Batman head decanter. It holds a full 750 ml bottle. Perfect for a nightcap, or embarrassing mum at a family dinner pouring a nice bottle of red out of Batman’s head.

Of course, there are classier options. This personalised whisky decanter is a simple, beautiful piece that allows you to add a personal message to your father on the base.

Speaking of get-togethers, this four bottle spirit dispenser turns bar duties at the next BBQ into a breeze.

Drink dispensers are our one of the favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for 2020.

Personal Grooming

It’s always nice to freshen up in the mirror before a big day, or make yourself look extra nice before a night on the town.

This grooming kit has everything dad needs to keep himself clean-shaven and nails in check. It even has a small mirror perfect for dads on the go.

If you’re tired of cleaning up beard trimmings on the bathroom sink, get him a gift you’ll both enjoy; the beard buddy, a handy bib that catches all those pesky trimmings before they get everywhere.

Nobody likes flossing, even though it’s something we all know we should do. Help your old man out with a water flosser to get between those teeth without fumbling with painful wires. It fits well inside Father’s Day gift ideas.


Technology is always coming up with cool new gadgets; new ways to do old things and new ways to do new things. And it’s constantly getting cheaper.

For example, did you know you can now get a 43” 4K TV for less than 300? If your dad’s been going on about the TV being on the way out, now might be the time to make it right.

Dashcam videos are incredibly popular today, and are highly valued by people worried about car insurance. There are dozens of models on the market today, at just about any price point. They’re affordable and easy to install — or cheap to install, if you’d rather not risk it.

Virtual assistants like Echo and Alexa were once the thing of sci-fi. Now you can have a small speaker shout recipes at you from any room in your home for the price of a good bottle of whisky.

Beyond the endless bluetooth speakers and wireless phone chargers, you can also find some really innovative products around these days. Does your dad struggle to get a good night’s sleep? There’s actually a device for that which could be just what he needs. You could help your with unique Father’s Day gift ideas.


Not all technology needs to be useful, though. Sometimes you just want a cool gadget to liven up a room, or, yes, a toy.

For car loves, you can buy your dad a Ferrari … in a foot long remote controlled car. Or a functioning, scale model of a classic car engine, such as the 1966 Porsche 911 engine.

Impress guests or bring a study to life with a levitating globe.

Or you can go old-school with a stylish storm glass globe. No wires, no batteries, just some good old-fashioned science helping you predict the weather. Maybe not the most useful tool in the day of weather apps pre-loaded into our smartphones, but a beautiful set piece and ornament all the same.


Is this dad’s first father’s day? Or at least one of the early ones?

He could probably do with a neck massage every now and then to help deal with the stress (although we feel mum might be using this just as much). You can take it one step further with a full-body massage mat. Lie on the couch with Bub and get some much-needed muscle relaxation at the same time.

Or Maybe Something Personal

This year has been a hectic one to say the least.

Major health and economic concerns have swept the globe. We’ve all been a bit tense, much more stressed, and many of us have had to face some truly terrible times.


If ever there was a year to pass on the commercialism of a holiday, this is it. As restrictions ease across the UK, the best gift for many fathers will simply be to spend time with family they’ve been away from for too long.

Make a card yourself. Pick a flower. Awkwardly try to remember woodworking class from school and put together a custom photo frame that’s just a little wonky.

Or just arrange to spend Father’s Day with your father, enjoying good food and company, and making the most of the time you have together.

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