Working from home becomes permanent as companies going remote. The home-based working system, which was put into practice due to the Corona virus outbreak, attracted some companies. Companies one by one explain that their employees can run their work from their homes after the pandemic.

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During the Corona virus outbreak, companies around the world switched to remote working. As the effect of the pandemic diminished, return to offices started. However some big companies going remote.

According to the news in CNN, some companies saw that the remote working system was more efficient and decided to be permanent. Here are some big companies leading the work-from-home revolution.



Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, said in a recent statement that at least 50 percent of employees will work from home in the next 5 to 10 years. “There are many different factors in making this decision.” said Zuckerberg. “It is part of our efforts to satisfy our employees and create broader welfare.

Also, while working from the office, you restrict yourself to a small number of people living in the metropolitan area. When you work from home, we will be able to reach many people living in different communities, having different backgrounds and perspectives.” Facebook was a one pioneers of companies going remote.



Another social media giant, Twitter took a similar step. The company CEO Jack Dorsey sent an email to employees letting them know they are allowed to work from home on a permanent-basis.

If our employees are in a position where they can do their work from home and they want it, they can work from home forever.” company official Jennifer Christie said in a statement. Christie added that a safe and warm environment awaits employees who will return to the office. Twitter was one of the leading companies going remote.


Square, another company of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, also plans to allow employees who want to run their work from home after the outbreak ends. Square has joined to companies going remote.

A spokesman for Square, which provides services on mobile payments and financial services, said: “Even if the offices are completely reopened in the future, our company will continue to work from home. We have learned and continue to learn how people are effective outside the office in the past few weeks.


The CEO of Shopify, Tobi Lutke, stated that in a tweet he put his work life back to the top, he said, “Office centering is over. Starting today, Shopify is a digital company.” Lutke said that their offices will remain completely closed until 2021. He later stated that most employees will continue to work permanently from home. Shopify is one of the compaines going remote.

The Shopify CEO also said “We always had friends working outside. They used the Internet as a bridge to the office. Now it will be the opposite. The future of the office is to act as a digital ramp that we can reach from our homes.

PSA Group

The French automotive manufacturer announced that the staff outside the production line will now work from home. Regarding this work plan, which he called “New era in agility“, the company said, “The positive experience and effectiveness during the Coronavirus pandemic made us decide to make permanent work outside the production line permanent from home.

The company will also redesign offices to meet face-to-face meetings when necessary. PSA expressed that the new plan, which will be implemented in the summer months, will improve the quality of life of the employees. Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands operate under PSA. Number of companies going remote have increased with PSA Group.



Box’s CEO, Aaron Levie, said the company’s 2,000 employees are free to work wherever they want by the end of 2020. Levie also stated “15 percent of our employees ran their jobs from home before the pandemic. This number will increase in the future. However, we also know the effect of offices on creativity and communication. So we will have a hybrid working system. In the future, weekly meetings will be held in a fully virtual environment. We will also help our employees to establish a comfortable environment in their homes.” Box has joined to remote working revolution and became one of the companies going remote.


One of the last names to join companies going remote working is Slack, the San Francisco-based business communication platform. Slack’s senior vice president of people, Robby Kwok said that Slack employees can work remotely if they wish. He added that they will now hire people who can work remotely and hold job interviews accordingly.

Bottom Line

It seems that these leading decisions made by big companies will help many other companies to make similar decisions on remote working. In the new world order shaped by the Coronavirus pandemic, remote working model will replace the offices. Let’s see what major changes Covid-19 will lead to.