There are many important points to consider when choosing sunglasses one your favorite accessories in all season, but especially in summer.

Choosing sunglasses is very easy for some, and really difficult for others. The secret lies in knowing what to look out for. The answer to the question of what to consider when choosing sunglasses comes up with many details. It is necessary to investigate certain topics such as how to choose sunglasses by face or how to understand glasses with UV filter.

How to Choose the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Type?


First of all, you should take care that the sunglasses you will have is a model that fits your face perfectly. Sunglasses shouldn’t be big or small on your face. For your comfort, the frame of the sunglasses should not touch your cheek or line up with your eyebrow. The shape or color of the sunglasses you prefer should be compatible with your facial features. For example, if you have a narrow and thin face, you should prefer thinner sunglasses. Or if you have an arched nose, you can try sunglasses that are low and thick enough to cover it. You should always consider your face type when choosing sunglasses.

Glasses are important

You should pay attention to whether the glasses of the sunglasses you will buy are of high quality. You can wear the sunglasses you will buy from an already known and expert sales point, and keep them for many years if you use them carefully and care.


It is very important that sunglasses lenses are protective against the UV rays you know already. Not wearing sunglasses with UV filter may cause problems in the following years. Because the glasses with UV filter prevent the eye from passing harmful light. Health concern is important when choosing sunglasses.

The power of sunglasses to block light is determined by phrases such as UV200, UV400 and UV600. In particular, sunglasses with minimum UV400 protection should be used at the seaside and in snow. Apart from this, attention should also be paid to the selection of the right color and shade in the glasses. For example, if you plan to wear it while driving, sunglasses with yellow or pink glass can make it difficult to distinguish between changes in traffic lights. In contrast, green, gray, and brown glasses will minimize this color deflection.

Choose a reliable brand

Another trick to choosing the right sunglasses is to choose a brand that you are sure of its reliability and durability. It will be a practical solution to look at the sunglasses models of the brand you have used and are satisfied with before. Reliable brands make sure you are choosing sunglasses with good quality only.

Sunglasses must be certified

You always have the right to get the value for your money. You should definitely check whether the sunglasses you have purchased are certified and safety controlled. This is one of the most important steps when choosing sunglasses.

Check if it is original

Everybody knows this. Many years ago, the ozone layer was damaged and we started to talk more about the harm of rays coming to the world and learn about their effects. As such, eye health began to gain more importance every year.

That’s why you should choose models that offer full protection against UV rays when choosing your sunglasses. If you think how do I know if the sunglasses I chose will protect my eyes from UV rays, you can check if there are labels on it. Labels are shown on sunglasses. Check if there are required labels when choosing sunglasses.

Apart from that, it is necessary to check whether there are original labels on the sunglasses. When looking at fake labels from a distance, it may seem as if it were original. But remember that when you read carefully and closely, you can easily understand that this phrase is fake.

“CE” mark on your sunglasses


The CE marking is a health and safety mark applied to the New Approach created by the European Union in 1985 in order to ensure the free movement of products. While doing this, instead of the different conformity marks used across the EU, it is aimed to use one type of EU mark which indicates conformity with the EU directives.

CE marking is a sign of conformity with the New Approach Directives of the European Union, which shows that a product is healthy and safe for people, animals and the environment. The sunglasses you bought must have a CE mark.

What to do after Choosing Sunglasses?

After purchasing your sunglasses, you should keep them in the box against any impact. It is useful to make sure that the box is made of solid material and also resistant against crushing. Apart from that, you should also take care of your sunglasses by cleaning it regularly.

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