We have put together 4 art activities to do in quarantine because one of the main agenda of the whole world is still coronavirus. With this corona virus, which is still spreading, people keep trying to protect themselves and their loved ones by taking various measures. The most important of these measures is, of course, “staying at home”. The fewer people we come into contact with and avoid crowded environments, the better for both our own health and community health.

I’m staying at home, but I’m bored. I don’t know what to do?” we seem to hear what you say. Don’t worry, we can find a lot of good things to do at home and get some bad energy out of ourselves. So, how can we make our time better all day? What are the activities to be done at home? Let’s find out together!

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Your hobby that you haven’t been interested in for a long time


Everyone has a musical instrument or painting canvas that she/he tried to learn for a while and put it in the corner! Now is the time to get them out of their place. Once we had excuses like “I don’t have time, how should I care?” You may have enough time for what you say. Moreover, activities such as music and painting nourish the person spiritually and move them away from daily worries. In addition, you can learn to play a musical instrument from related experts through online courses.

So how about tuning that guitar that you haven’t touched for a long time or filling your palette with colorful paints? Having time for your hobby which you can do at home is one of 4 art activities to do in quarantine.

Take a Tour with Virtual Museum Tours


Although spending time at home has positive effects such as taking time for ourselves, continuing a book that we left halfway or starting doing housework that we postponed, it is hard to get away from social life. For this reason, it is very normal for our desire to go out from time to time. There is a way for us to feel like we are outside in this period where we miss even small trips.

As you know, many precautions have been taken in the UK and in the world due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Especially the places that people visit in crowded groups were closed for a while. For this purpose, even if the museums are closed for preventive purposes, you can take a cultural tour in your home with virtual museum tours and discover museums that you have not been to before.

This is another great way to have quality time art activities to do in quarantine. Now let’s look at which museums that are famous in our country and in the world can make a virtual trip. Below are those museums where you can visit with virtual tour links included.

Natural History Museum, London

The Natural History Museum is partnered with Google Arts & Culture. You can install the Google Arts & Culture Android or iOS app to explore virtual reality tours from The Natural History Museum. Or, you can visit The Natural History Museum’s website to begin your virtual tour.

British Museum, London

Another Google Arts & Culture partner is British Museum. You can download the Google Arts & Culture app via above links to start your virtual tour, or you can simply visit British Museum’s website.

National Gallery, London

You can visit National Gallery virtually, and explore everything inside the museum including portraits and large dramatic altarpieces.

Vatican Museums, Rome

Vatican Museums is another great option to begin your virtual tour inside. Here is the link to access and begin your Vatican Museums virtual tour.

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

This popular Paris museum is available to begin visiting virtually through Google Arts & Culture or official Musée d’Orsay website.

J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

You can start your virtual tour at J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles to see pieces including neolithic clay figures, Van Gogh’s Irises and Renoir’s La Promenade and more. Start J Paul Getty Museum virtual tour at Google Arts & Culture or use “museum view” tool provided. You can access the virtual tour by another provider XplorIt or simply visit official museum website of J Paul Getty Museum.

Guggenheim, Bilbao

Visit this one of the most distinguishing art spaces of the world using Google Arts & Culture page or visiting website of Guggenheim Museum.

Beautify Your Evening With Art


Music, poetry and other artistic activities are among the most fun things to do at home. After arranging your library, wardrobe at home all day and spending time on various housework, you can spend time in the evening to rest with the relaxing effect of art activities. The music you listen to can completely change your mode. A poem you write can take you on a journey in your dream world. The soothing effect of art can improve you mentally and help you start the new day more hopefully. Make sure that you choose art contents carefully. Choose optimistic publishing. Enjoy one of the best art activities to do in quarantine.

Take Online Courses


Today, there are many online courses based on people’s interests. Drawing, animation, handicraft, digital drawing and more. You can sign up for these online courses while you are at home, you can learn from experts and improve your skills. Assigning for online courses is a good choice insde art activities to do in quarantine. As you spend your time in such a qualified way, you can add new things to yourself and keep pessimistic thoughts away from your mind during these quarantine days.

We have listed our recommendations for art activities to do in quarantine that will inspire you at home and let you be confused. Please share this content with your friends if you like this article and find it useful. We wish you to complete your quarantine days with health both physically and spiritually.